Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Toku Strike 013: GARO 101

Welcome to Toku strike!
A podcast about tokusatsu and general geekery!

On this episode GARO 101 i go through the series and films to give you a rough outline for those who have never seen it or love the show as much as i do!

I would also like to thank low visibility, Vangulas and HJU for there input vai twitter when i was putting this together.
other notable mentions are:
Kamen Rider PEZ found at http://unkamenwriter.net/
For great justice! http://henshinjustice.com/
The legend himself http://www.igadevil.com/
The dynamic duo of toku podcasting http://lowvisibility.podbean.com/
The man, the myth, the-ohgodmywallet! http://vangelus.ca/
And it's morphin time with http://www.sentairangers.com/

If you wish to contact me, have topic ideas or want me to continue with episode brakedowns you can do so by e-mail at Tokustrike@gmail.com or on twitter @grimmhelm

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