Monday, 3 December 2012

Toku Strike 017: Count up your Casts!

Welcome to toku strike the podcast about tokusatsu and general geekery!

On this show some recent news, my thoughts on the soon up comeing power rangers mega force and the up comeing sentai Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger and then onto the main topic of kamen rider W!

some people of intrest of this show are:

HJU kamen rider book review:
don't forget to donate to them!

sentai rangers podcast Kyoryuger concept:
you should listen to these guys!

TJ omegas month long mini reviews known as toycember!:

if you wish to contact me, chat or just say hi you can do so by emailing me at or via twitter @grimmhelm

MP3 File

for those wishing to know how i make a podcast check more below!

 this is my set up, i have my soundblast realwave headset, my writen script and a mascot of my choosing for the show!

heres a closer look at the news segment comeing to around 9 pages and joker with my pen!

 first of all i select open up audacity my recording software for making these shows, i also have a rough idea of what sounds and music i wish to use.

 once its recorded, sound is placed and editing takes place i export it to my desktop adding the relevant information.

 i then take a jog over to hipcast where they upload and store my digital recording for future release.

 i write the description i use for my audio and for the blog your reading right now!

 once thats all typed up and the process of adding it to the system takes place.

 i then have to wait for a synce and transcode so that its listenable through the hipcast media player that is on the site.

 final confirmation and editing can be done here and then uploading to the blogs page.

finally its all linked and i head over to the podcast tab and it goes into itunes from there.

then i head over to my blog controls and add images and links to what needs to be added.

and then its all done and ready to upload!

and thats it, from here i just go to google+ and twitter and a few fourms i hang around on and post about the new episode! enjoy!

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