Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What i watch and where i get it!

OK so! A few people have responded to my last few blog posts about what super Sentai / kamen rider/ Tokusatsu is from my podcast .
so here's a quick rundown.
Super Sentai otherwise known as Power Rangers once Saban/Disney/Whoeverownsitnext gets their hands on it and neuters' it.
typically its a 5 to 6 man team who fight evil with a different theme each year.

Kaman rider, a single man and eventually with a partner in most recent years its more or less "power rangers have multiple guys? I can do this on my own!" normally semi-bug themed karate fighters with super powers brought on by the 'Driver' (there belt) and normally follow a focused storyline.

Super Sentai:

Special ops Sentai Gobusters - spy themed at the start until someone higher up panicked and ditched a lot of the story as such it became the lowest watched Sentai of all time but was still a fun watch when they found their stride. it has 3 episodes left before the next show starts at the time of this posting.

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger -pirates from space. after the previous super Sentai use up all their powers to defeat an invading fleet determent to destroy earth a group of 5 young adults have gathered the keys that were spread throughout the galaxy have come to earth seeking the greatest treasure in the universe!

unofficial Sentai akibaranger - was a late night parody of the show to celibate the anniversary with the tagline "good boys and girls don't watch this" it's only 13 episodes. (which just got a confirmed session 2)

kamen rider

kamen rider W/double - Gumshoe detectives Shotarou and Phillip run the strange detective agency said to investigate the odd creatures attacking futo city, in truth they are kamen rider W the two riders in one combination who are dedicated to bringing down the gaia-memorie 'drug' lords or Museum.

Kaman rider OOO/O's -funny but gets into fantastic story about what it means to be human, it follows the hero Enji and the odd Greed spirit Ahnk as they try to defeat the other greed and acquire the core medals, coins that can have absolute power over an aspect of human emotion.

Kamen Rider Fourze -space in school, is incredibly silly as well so be ready for it but has a good story. follows the new transfer student Kusaragi Gentaro who dream it is to be friends with everybody in the new school. however things go bad when the mysterious zodiarts appear to try and destroy the students as such Gentaro takes up the experimental Fourze Driver and transforms into the hero who will settle things one on one!

Kamen Rider Wizard  - the current show, all about giving hope to those around you. Haruto the man destined to be destroyed somehow managed to save himself from damnation and becoming the souls Phantom, given a Driver and magic rings he becomes Kamen rider Wizard determined never to let anyone become a monstrous beast and lose home. the current session of Rider.

there's also a show called GARO, it's for adults exclusively with swearing/blood/alcohol/nudity/etc. it follows the Makai Knight Kuuga as he hunts down and defeats the immortal beasts Horrors -creatures originally born from our sin and come to our world to feast on humans. it is considered the best when it comes to fighting and art direction in Tokusatsu just having finished its second session with a 3rd confirmed and a new movie on the way!

you can find all of them here: overtime is considered the best subber there is but that's because they're very select in who they pick up to sub.

Then there's Tv-nihon found here:
they do a 'literal translation' to it so some of the words are semi-Japanese if they don't have a direct translation but they have a massive range for torrent and direct download, but there much slower in the show upload time (overtime gets it done next day or two, nihon takes most of the week).

you can find a ton of older Sentai and rider shows plus a few other harder to find shows (like Garo s1.)
on a side note I should say this too.

Sentai and kamen rider normally get 2 to 3 movies each a session. one team up with the past team, then there stand-alone, then a team up with the new team.
there's also a new series of films called super-hero-taisen (super her wars) where Sentai and rider fight each other.
and for kamen rider there's been special all out team up movies coming out MEGAMAX and soon to come out ULTIMATUM which are extremely good fun just for the fights and story.

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